Carpet Cleaner Detergents

Say Goodbye To Tough Carpet Stains

Getting rid of carpet stains and spots can be a difficult task. Not anymore! Our wide range of Carpet cleaning detergents is perfect for homeowners and commercial contractors to get rid of tough, impossible to remove stains and spots on carpets and rugs.

Carpet Cleaner Detergent contains a broad mix of cleaning chemicals, bio cleaners, odour neutralisers and other cleaning solutions that eradicate tough stains with ease.

Best Quality Carpet Cleaner Detergent

Why Should You Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Detergents?

Our cleaner detergents can be used across various situations to clean hard stains. You can use them as rinsers to saturate stains before a deep clean or use them standalone to remove small but tough stain marks,

The carpet cleaning chemicals and detergents we supply perform across various materials and effectively remove contaminants from carpets, rugs, upholstery, and fabrics. They are odourless and gentle on your possessions, making them an ideal solution to get rid of spots and stains.

Use our carpet cleaning detergent to purify and sanitise your environment and give your family or customers the living environment they deserve.

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Carpet Cleaner Detergent FAQs

What Detergent Can You Use In A Carpet Cleaner?

There are various options available for you to choose from when it comes to carpet cleaning detergents that you can use in a carpet cleaner. These are two of the best carpet cleaning solutions we recommend -

1. OneClean Carpet Detergent for All Carpet Fibres
2. Release Carpet Detergent

What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Solution?

Traffic Lane Cleaner and Prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray & Powder Detergent are two of the best carpet cleaning solutions available in Melbourne, Victoria. Both of these carpet cleaning chemicals can be used in high traffic areas like hotels, restaurants, pubs, hospitals & medical centres, homes, and aged care centres and can get rid of stains caused by food, wine, eggs, oils, gravy, blood, faeces, vomit, milk, gelatin, tea, coffee, beer, body fats, grease hand marks, urine etc.

Can You Clean A Carpet With Detergent?

While many people feel that carpet cleaning is a daunting task, it actually can be done with the right detergent. We recommend using Roto-Dry Dry Carpet Cleaning Detergent or LiquaSteam Carpet Detergent, depending on your use case and requirements.

For best results, always read the label carefully before using any chemical-based cleaner on carpets. If you're dealing with pet hair or large amounts of soil or debris, hiring an experienced professional may be your best bet.

What Types Of Carpet Cleaner Detergents Are Available Online With Cleancare?

CleanCare Australia carries a wide variety of carpet cleaning detergents in their flagship store in Melbourne, Victoria. Our wide range of carpet detergents are safe to use and get rid of tough stains without causing damage.

Ideally, you'll want to choose a carpet cleaner detergent that is specifically designed for the type of carpet you have. There are three main types of carpets - shag, Berber, and sisal - so you need to pick a detergent specific to each type.

Shag carpets require an enzyme-based detergent, while Berber and sisal carpets need non-enzymatic cleaners. View our catalogue to determine what's the best carpet cleaning detergent for you.

Why Should You Buy Carpet Cleaner Detergents From Cleancare?

There are many reasons why you may want to buy carpet cleaner detergents from CleanCare online or in-store. Online retailers often offer lower prices than those found in stores, but as manufacturers ourselves, we are able to match and even beat the pricing offered by our competitors.

Our users agree that the quality of our detergent products is often better than what can be found in stores across Australia, and rightfully so since we've been in business since 1972.

Therefore, whether you're looking for varieties of carpet cleaners that are pet-safe or have various enzymes designed to remove stains, we are sure to have what you're looking for in both our online and physical stores.

What Makes CleanCare The First Choice To Buy Carpet Cleaner Detergent In Australia?

Our team has extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry, owing to our extensive experience. Our customers see an average of 30-40% reduction in their costs over one year of working with us, making us the perfect choice for everyone!

We offer all kinds of cleaning supplies under one roof in Melbourne, which differentiates us from our peers and makes us the first choice to buy Cleaning Supplies In Melbourne.

Does CleanCare Have A Physical Store I Can Visit And Purchase Carpet Detergent In Australia?

Yes, our flagship CleanCare store is located at 15 Bastow Pl, Mulgrave, Vic 3170, Australia. We invite all our customers to our and welcome them to meet our highly enthusiastic and experienced team of cleaning supplies providers.