Prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray & Powder Detergent

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Prekleen Carpet Pre-Spray Powder Detergent


PreKleen enzyme carpet cleaner pre-spray is a powerful biodegradable carpet cleaning partner with other detergents. PreKleen digests protein based soils that detergents alone won't remove. Excellent for use in dining rooms, cafeterias, restaurants, all food service areas and homes. PreKleen enzyme carpet cleaning pre-spary begins to decompose and digest the protein that binds the soil immediately on contact. By the time the extraction cleaning of the carpet is started, PreKleen Enzyme Soil Lifter has liquified the greasy protein and holds it is suspension ready to be whisked away by the cleaning process. PreKleen is environmentally safe and user safe, it is non toxic and contains no butyls or solvents. Can be used on all carpet fibres and upholstery not affected by water.

PreKleen Enzyme carpet cleaning Prespray super concentrate for carpets and upholstery digests / ‘eats’ protein soiling much like food is digested in our stomachs. It is very effective on all types of natural proteins and a powerful cleaning boost when used with other detergents The enzymes in PreKleen help to break down dirt binding protein and remove greasy soil that other detergents alone won’t remove because its formulation contains enzymes, non synthetic materials and naturally based Biosolv® Limonene. Prekleen Enzyme Soil Lifter is a powerful grease-eating enzyme pre-spray concentrate for carpets and upholstery. Especially good for hard to remove protein based stains like Blood etc.

PreKleen Enzyme carpet cleaning Prespray is Designed To Stand Up To The Challenge!

PreKleen Enzyme carpet cleaning Prespray is specifically designed to stand up to the challenge of tough restaurant grease. Easily removes caked-on restaurant grease and makes dirty, dingy traffic lanes disappear!

APPLICATION : Carpets, Upholstery, Spot cleaning

PreKleen FOR USE:

Dining areas/rooms, Food surface areas, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Entertainment Venues, At home


Food, wine, egg, food oils, gravy, blood, faeces, vomit, milk, gelatin, tea, cffee, beer, body fats, greasy hand marks, urine, anything contained in or is a by-product of food.

Just As Powerful On Regular Dirt!

What's more, PreKleen is just as powerful on regular dirt! Many spots and tough soils found in carpets are protein based, caused by food and beverage spills. PreKleen's unique blend of penetrating detergents and enzymes digest and emulsify the proteins, allowing the dirt particles to break apart. Within minutes, greasy stains and spills are easily extracted with fewer wand strokes and less effort.

Anywhere You Need Extra Cleaning Power!

So, whether you're dealing with caked-on, ground-in dirt in a restaurant, office or residential carpet, with PreKleen enzyme carpet cleaner pre-spray you don't need to work harder.

Directions of Prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray & Powder Detergent

Carpet Prespray

  1. Make up only enough enzyme solution for same day use. Enzyme action is reduced after 24 hours
  2. The enzymes in PreKleen become active immediately. For maximum electiveness allow PreKleen to remain on the surface for 10 – 15 minutes before extracting (depending on how heavy the soiling)
  3. PreKleen can be used in hot or cold water but for maximum enzyme effect, PreKleen achieves optimum results at a temperature between 60° - 65°C. Do not exceed 65°C
  4. APPLY using a portable hand pump, electric or Hydroforce sprayer
  5. Only pre-spray enough carpet surface, approximately 10 – 12 square metres at a time, to prevent PreKleen drying before extraction. Do not allow to dry
  6. To increase enzyme efficiency rake PreKleen lightly into the carpet using Cleancare’s Grandi Groom or a pile brush

Upholstery Wet Cleaning Spray

  1. ALWAYS test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area
  2. Seek upholstery manufacturer’s instructions before use
  3. Spray lightly over soiled areas and allow enzymes to be active for up to 5 minutes before extracting
  4. Clean using normal industry accepted procedures

Dilution of Prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray

  • Extremely heavily soiled carpet – 100 grams per 5 litres
  • Moderate to heavy soiled carpet – 75 grams per 5 litres
  • In-line sprayer//Hydro-force sprayer – 300 grams per 5 litres
  • Upholstery wet cleaning spray - 75 grams per 5 litres

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Useful information about The Prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray:

PreKleen enzyme carpet cleaner pre spray SDS


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    Results are remarkable.

    Posted by Kellie David on 15th May 2023

    I am thrilled with the performance of Prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray! This product has truly revolutionized the way I clean my carpets. it has effortlessly lifts and removes even the most stubborn stains. From muddy footprints to wine spills, this product tackles them all with ease. I appreciate that it not only removes stains but also eliminates odors, leaving my carpets smelling fresh and clean.

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    Highly Effective and Affordable Solution

    Posted by James Ryan on 15th May 2023

    I am incredibly impressed with the effectiveness of prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray! This product has completely transformed the appearance of my carpets. I have used it on various types of stains, including food spills and pet accidents, and it has never failed to deliver exceptional results. The enzymatic action breaks down the stains and eliminates odors, leaving my carpets fresh, clean, and revitalized. I also appreciate the user-friendly instructions that make it easy to apply and achieve professional-quality results.

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    Cleancare Prekleen Enzyme

    Posted by HUI ZHANG on 21st Jul 2022

    Effective Enzyme Carpet cleaning pre-spray. strongly recommended

  • 4
    Good Product

    Posted by Bill Morris on 1st Jun 2022

    effective Prekleen Carpet Pre-Spray Powder

  • 5

    Posted by Paul Neely on 1st Jun 2022

    best carpet cleaning products

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    Prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning is good

    Posted by gary renshaw on 12th Apr 2022

    Prekleen Enzyme Carpet Cleaning is good

  • 5

    Posted by Bill Morris on 12th Apr 2022

    quality is good