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Roto Dry is an effective biodegradable liquid detergent for bonnet cleaning (dry cleaning) carpets. Fast drying and with added Fabricoat carpet protector, it provides more carpet protection while cutting down the frequency of cleaning required.

Reduces cleaning frequency...Keeping stain and soil protection at their optimum level, ROTO-DRY with FABRICOAT cuts down on the frequency of the cleaning required. Bonnet cleaning that was ordinarily done once a month, or once a week, can now be performed far less often when using ROTO-DRY with FABRICOAT. Cleaners will save substantial amounts of time, labour and materials.

Labour saving...Beautifully maintains carpet with a minimum of time and labour. Cleaning can be performed at a rate of 200-300 square metres per hour.

Added protection...Added FABRICOAT provides more carpet protection and enhances carpet's beauty in combination with ROTO--DRY, which has been proven effective in bonnet cleaning systems.

Eliminates indoor air pollution...ROTO-DRY with FABRICOAT helps rid areas of indoor air pollution caused by chemical odours, creating a healthier environment.

Fast drying...ROTO-DRY with FABRICOAT dries quickly with a minimum of delay in re-use of cleaned area.

Pleasant aroma...The pleasant aroma permits use while others are working nearby, or will be in the area soon after cleaning.

Easy To Use...

1. Prior to bonnet cleaning, carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed – preferably using a pile lifting vacuum.

2. Use for "Dry' cleaning and brightening. Dilute one litre ROTO-DRY in 10 litres water (1 part ROTO-DRY to 10 litres water). Spray diluted ROTO-DRY lightly on bonnet (or pad) for lubrication. Spray diluted ROTO-DRY solution on carpet using a pump-up sprayer and "buff" the carpet. When bonnet becomes soiled, use reverse side of bonnet.

For deeper cleaning, immerse the bonnet in a diluted solution of ROTO-DRY and wring out excess. Spray and "buff" carpet as explained above.

3. Use as spotting agent. For oil-based spots and stains, use ROTO-DRY undiluted. For water-based spots and stains, dilute ROTO-DRY with 4 parts of water. After spotting flush with water and pat dry with absorbent white towel.

Flash Point: Non-combustible in use dilution.
pH: 7.0—7.5

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