Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

For carpets, hardwood floors, laminate flooring, tile and grout, and natural stone, we provides a selection of professional quality carpet cleaning chemicals. We are a carpet cleaning Chemicals Company that caters to professional carpet cleaning suppliers. We've zeroed down on the brands and types of chemicals that are most successful in caring, cleaning, and restoring carpet, hardwood, tile and grout, natural stone, and upholstery over our years in the supply industry. Below you'll find a list of our best carpet cleaning chemicals.

Cleancare Australia’s carpet cleaning products and carpet stain removers are water-based or water-emulsifiable solvent-based formulations that remove dirt, grease, soot, fire damage and filter soil from carpets, hard surfaces, and concrete. Discover our vast collection of wholesale carpet cleaning chemicals!

Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Chemicals from Cleancare Australia.