Formula 90 Lite Carpet Cleaning Powder Detergent

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Cleancare’s Formula 90 is a heavy duty powder carpet detergent for extraction machines. This remarkable product contains BIOSOLV, adding cleaning power of it’s own, while it’s synergistic action increases the cleaning power of the other ingredients - removes spots left behind by other detergents. Although powerful Formula 90 is formulated with biodegradable raw materials for a safe environment. Formula 90 dries to a hard crystaline powder which can be easily vacuumed away. Soiling is retarded, which gives the carpet a longer high appearance level between cleanings - and that pleases your customers!

Formula 90 also contains;

  • Air fresheners
  • Defoamers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors. The right combination of pre-tested corrosion inhibitors have been added for maximum protection of all types of metals in your portable or truck mount carpet cleaning equipment.
  • Buffered pH. When diluted, retains the ideal pH for the most effective carpet cleaning.




For Truck mounts - use 1 kg of concentrated powder to 25 litres of water.

For portable extraction machines - use 75-100 gms of concentrated powder to 25 litres of water.

As a pre-spray - Dilute 200gms into 10 litres of water then spray carpet with coarse spray.

Cleaning application

Cleancare’s Formula 90 can be used safely and effectively in all models of portable and truck mounted extraction machines. It’s fast cleaning action on even the most stubborn dirt will save valuable time and make more profit for the professional carpet cleaner than any other product on the Australian market.


For optimum defoaming results, mix and use Formula90 within 10 hours. After that period, cleaning performance is not affected, however defoaming capabilities may be reduced.

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