Traffic Lane Energizer Prespray

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A traffic lane cleaner with pleasant odour. This quality product is specially on greasy soil.

All purpose spotting agent. Attacks and loosens soil where abnormal soiling condition exist.

Harmless to carpet fibres. Can be used on all fibres not affected by water including upholstery.

Reduces call backs. Energizer will speed up the cleaning operation and stop stains from reappearing.

Easy to mix. Dilute on part Energizer with 10 parts water. Spray soiled areas without soaking.

Use it as a detergent additive. 125ml of Energizer to every 25 litres of cleaning solution will boost the power of most detergents.

pH 10.1-11.1



Traffic Lane Energizer is an extra powerful carpet pre-spray, especially effective in high traffic, hard to clean areas where soiling includes solvent oils and grease. Energizer can be used on all carpet fibres including upholstery not affected by water. Because Energizer’s powerful ingredients work quickly it can be used as a detergent ‘booster’ with other less powerful detergent to provide EXTRA cleaning power and to speed up the cleaning process. Energizer can be used as a spotter to remove abnormal staining.


  • All carpet fibres
  • Upholstery
  • Rugs

For use in heavy traffic areas in:

  • Factories & office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Large entertainment venues


Pre-spray Energizer to the carpet surface. pH 10.1 - 11.1

Dilution 10:1 for heavy duty application (half a cup to five litres of water)
2:1 for use as an All Purpose Spotter.

Preparation & Best Results

1. Thoroughly dry vacuum the area before applying.
2. On upholstery, first check colour fastness by testing Energizer in an inconspicuous area.
3. On rugs, allow Energizer to ‘sit’ for 5 minutes before scrubbing.

Cleaning Application

1. Spray the soiled area with Cleancare’s Portable sprayer. DO NOT SOAK.


  • Rake in Energizer with Cleancare’s Grandi Groom to improve cleaning effectiveness.
  • For EXTRA cleaning power with other detergents add 125ml of Energizer to every 25 litres of cleaning solution.

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