Carpet Spotters & Stain Removers

Carpet Spotters are an excellent method of removing dirt, spots and stains, or both, from tiny areas. Use our simple carpet spotter to clean up spilt juice from the kids when you need a vast carpet extractor. Alternatively, if your pet has another "accident" on the sofa, a carpet/upholstery spotter is the ideal tool for removing the stain. Having a carpet spotter on hand is one of the finest investments you can make in keeping your house clean!

Best Stain remover For carpet & Upholstery

Cleancare’s carpet stain remover is guaranteed by Cleancare for the removal of coffee stain from carpet, tea and wine stains from carpets or a full refund of the purchase price. Our rescue Kit is best carpet stain remover for old stains and also very effective in removing or reducing the intensity of stains

This category in Cleancare Australia is chock-full of valuable items that can provide the final touch to any work and keep your clients coming back for more! Every kind of stain is washable with this solution.

Eliminate Tough Stains with Cleancare Special Carpet Spotters