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Commercial Cleaning Supplies Store In Melbourne You Can Count On - In Business Since 1972

A germ-free environment is a must in today’s time to live and work comfortably. We offer a wide range of industrial and residential cleaning supplies Melbourne to serve all your cleaning requirements.

As an Australian-owned and operated cleaning supplies store based in Melbourne, we offer commercial cleaning products to businesses and residents across Melbourne and Victoria. Our goal is to provide the highest quality cleaning supplies to a wide audience through our accessible pricing.

Our products enable you to keep your premises spick and span without worrying about your bottom line.

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Get Top-Notch Cleaning Supplies In Melbourne At Wholesale Prices

Sourcing high-quality cleaning supplies in Melbourne, Australia at wholesale rates can be a chore. Not anymore!

Whether you run a small cleaning company or maintain a large industrial or commercial complex daily, we have the right solution for you. Keep your environment clean and sanitised with our cleaning supplies and products in Melbourne, Australia.

To learn more, read our blog "The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Cleaning Supplies for Your Needs"

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You Can Depend On Cleancare As Your Cleaning Supply Store In Melbourne

Cleanliness is one of the best ways to prevent accidents, illness, and pests. Clean spaces require high-quality cleaning supplies that can thoroughly remove dirt with minimal effort, and you can find these at our Cleancare cleaning supplies store.

Cleanliness can help you feel better about your surroundings and improve your quality of life. Our friendly staff at Cleancare understand the need for a hygienic environment and are committed to providing Victorians with the best cleaning supplies products.


Get in touch with us to receive the best cleaning supplies Melbourne, or simply order online to have the highest quality cleaning products delivered right to your doorstep.

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Where Is Cleancare Cleaning Supply Store Located In Melbourne?

CleanCare, the best cleaning supply store, is located at 15 Bastow Pl, Mulgrave victoria 3170, Australia. We’re happy to serve you in-store or online.

What Type Of Cleaning Supplies Does Cleancare Sell In Melbourne, Australia?

Our shop and online store carry over 1000 cleaning products and offer an extensive selection of cleaning supplies. We offer various cleaning supplies such as carpet cleaning chemicals, hard floor cleaning chemicals, kitchen cleaning chemicals, washroom cleaning chemicals, window cleaning chemicals, cleaning accessories, and much more.

Why Should You Invest In High-quality Cleaning Supplies In Melbourne?

It is said that — cleanliness is next to godliness. By keeping your surroundings clean, you can keep disease, pests and viruses at bay and give your customers or family a pleasant experience. That’s why you should invest in high-quality cleaning supplies in Melbourne.

What Is The Cleancare Cleaning Supply Store Guarantee?

Founded in 1972, Cleancare has produced and supplied excellent cleaning products and equipment throughout the country, leading the market and setting the standard. All our products are guaranteed to serve your purpose and get you the best results possible. You can confidently buy any of our products and get the results you expect. That’s our promise.

What Kind Of Cleaning Products Are Available At Our Cleaning Supplies Store In Melbourne?

The products we carry in our physical and online store include hot water extraction, hard surface equipment, and an extensive range of cleaning chemicals, chemical detergents, deodorisers, protectants, and specialist spotters. Whether you are a professional carpet or general cleaner, a hotel manager or working in an entertainment venue, a retirement home or a local hospital, a school or an institution, we have the perfect products for you.

What Makes Us The First Choice To Buy Cleaning Supplies In Melbourne?

Our team has extensive knowledge of the cleaning industry, owing to our extensive experience. Our customers see an average of 30-40% reduction in their costs over 1 year of working with us, making us the perfect choice for everyone! We offer all kinds of cleaning supplies under one roof in Melbourne, which differentiates us from our peers and makes us the first choice to buy Cleaning Supplies In Melbourne.

Why Should You Choose Cleancare Cleaning Supply Store In Melbourne?

At CleanCare, it’s our mission to offer comprehensive and efficient cleaning products and supplies in Melbourne at pocket-friendly prices. This unique approach and our industry experience of over 50 years make us the best option for cleaners and homeowners to source their cleaning supplies from in Melbourne.