Grandi Groom Carpet Rake

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Grandi Groom Professional- time-saving and work-efficient. An invaluable tool for the carpet cleaning industry- for building and institutional carpet care and maintenance. No other Carpet Grooming tool works like Grandi Groom, to loosen embedded dirt before vacuuming or wet cleaning. It's specially designed to get between carpet tufting and fibres so it can flick ground-in dirt to the carpet surface. Even works when dirt is down deep and unaffected by vacuuming. Grandi Groom lifts a matted pile in the busiest of traffic areas. And, restores resiliency and that "fresh from the showroom" look after cleaning. Only Grandi Groom is so quick and easy to use ... provides big savings in man hours and material. 

  • 46cm double row durable nylon bristles
  • Includes lightweight powder coated handle
  • Made in USA