Coffee Stain Remover 5L

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An exclusive formulation for easy, safe removal of coffee and other tannin stains in carpet.

Effective on old or new stains. Despite the face that "old" coffee and other tannin stains may affect dyes causing extremely deep brown stains, Cleancare Coffee Stain Remover will modify and reduce stain colour intensity.

Easy To Use. Do not dilute. Test fabric for colour fastness in an inconspicuous place. In smaller areas apply Coffee Stain Remover to a white cloth and apply to stain. Larger areas may be sprayed. Allow product to work for a few minutes, then blot (do not rub) with a clean white cloth. Any residual stain may be treated with Spot Lifter, blot with a clean white cloth.

pH 4.1 (mildly acidic)

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