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What is Browning Treatment?

Cleancare Australia’s Browning Treatment is the Best liquid treatment for removing jute stain cellulosic browning caused by overwetting or flooding of carpets and upholstery.

Cleancare Browning Treatment Removes cellulose browning from carpet and upholstery. Our Carpet Browning Treatment also removes or reduces browning due to overwetting and bleed through of jute backing. When the jute carpet backing becomes overwet, jute vegetable dyes combine with the excess moisture and travel up through the carpet fiber during drying and discolor the carpet. Browning Treatment will remove or effectively reduce this type of discoloration. Our browning treatment for carpet is available in two sizes: a 5L browning treatment and 15L browning treatment.

Usage of Browning Treatment

  • Reduces the incidence of browning of suspect fibres.
  • Removes cellulosic browning from carpet and upholstery.
  • Effective on upholstery as well as carpet.
  • Removes or reduces browning due to over-wetting and bleed through of jute back.
  • Reduces intensity of brown or yellow animal stains due to loss of colour.
  • Reduces the incidence of browning of suspect fibres.
  • Can also be used on water and tannin stains

How Does Browning Treatment Work?

When a cellulosic fibre such as cotton jute, or linen is wet with water and allowed to dry very slowly, a brown discolouration often appears at the point where the evaporation of the moisture takes place. This brown colour is known as cellulosic browning (Use Cleancare cellulosic browning Treatment to remove) It results from the degradation of cellulose and is a similar discolouration to the yellowing that occurs as a newspaper yellows with age. Most carpets contain one or more cellulosic fibres. For example, in tufted carpets, jute is used as the primary or secondary backing. Some rugs are made entirely of cotton. Consequently, when these rugs or carpets are cleaned by hot water extraction or by shampooing they may develop browning when they dry because the moisture may carry brown cellulosic matter up onto the fibres. Cleancare's Carpet Browning Solutions is the most effective way to remove or reduce browning on carpets, furniture upholstery, bedding and other surfaces.

How to use browning treatment?

Easy to use. Spray undiluted browning treatment directly on affected area and brush lightly. Allow to dry. Alternatively, it may be used with the Roto Dry Bonnet System for addressing browning removal problems encountered over large carpeted areas.

We manufacture and supplies a wide range of carpet cleaning chemicals, Carpet Cleaneing detergent & liquid suitable for cleaning carpets & rugs across Australia. We are open for click & collect as well at Or Call us now on 1800 335 007 or you can buy browning treatment online also. 

useful information about the browning treatment

Download Safety Data Sheet of Browning treatment

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