Textile Rinse Superbase 5L

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Textile Rinse 5L Superbase Makes 125L of Solutions.


Cleancare’s Textile Rinse is a specialised mild acidic solution to be used to remove the build up of detergent and soil residue left in the carpet after previous cleaning. The problem of detergent residue can often be identified when cleaning is commenced and the immediate results are not satisfactory. Replacing traditional detergent with Textile Rinse in the extraction cleaning process removes all previous residue, producing remarkably improved results. Textile Rinse also stabilises dyes and helps prevent browning in carpet, rugs and upholstery.

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Easy and economical to use.

  • 5 litres makes 130 litres of solution.
  • Non-Combustible.
  • pH 3-3.5.

Textile Rinse

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