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A powerful blend of selected enzymes and micro-organisms that efficiently and safely reduce the sticky, greasy waste draining into drainage systems, causing blockages. Bio-Drain Solution improves flow rates and prevents odour problems in the plumbing flowing from sinks, baths, showers and grease traps.

Bio-Drain Solution - Biological Drain Opener is a perfumed, stable liquid containing selected microorganisms and ’free’ enzymes that efficiently reduce the waste typically evacuated into drainage systems. Effective on small-bore pipes from sinks, baths, showers and in kitchen waste units and all catering drainage systems. Bio-Drain Solution - enzyme drain cleaner is also suitable for maintaining all types of drains, grease traps, septic tanks and sewerage treatment systems.

Features & Benefits of Drain Opener

  • Free flowing pipes
  • Pleasantly fragranced
  • Destroys odours
  • Clears build up

When activated with water, the fast-acting free enzymes quickly break down the waste into smaller pieces, which are then more accessible to the microorganisms. The enzyme degradation immediately improves drain flow rates and reduces odours. It also enables the various strains of micro- organisms in it to continue the degrading process, further reducing the particles of solid waste into liquids and gasses.

Best Biological Drain Opener.

  • Liquifies fats and grease
  • Neutral pH of 6.5—7.5
  • Reduces odours
  • Improves drain flow rates
  • Won’t damage porcelain, stainless steel, chrome or ceramic

Technical Information of best drain cleaner chemical

Bio-Drain Solution drain cleaner chemical contains many strains of non- harmful microorganisms, typically 50,000,000 units per millilitre. It is a green liquid with a pleasant fragrance


Shake container well before opening, Remove excess water and pour 50ml directly into sink or drain opening. Add water to activate un-blocker. Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes (ideally overnight). Flush with hot water to remove residues. Repeat if necessary. For trouble free odourless outlets pour 50ml into opening once a week.

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