Micro Clean 5L - Mould and Fungus Eliminatorc


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Micro Clean is a biological stain and odour digester that will effectively degrade organic soiling such as urine & spilt beverages etc, from absorbent surfaces and fabrics. 

Unlike many cleaners, Micro Clean works by digesting & permanently eradicating the source of the soiling. It is non-toxic, biodegradable and it will not harm the environment. 

Micro Clean is unique as it contains bacterial strains not in other digesters. It has been in production since the early 1990's, and the formula has been perfected to specifically target soiling from body spillages, beverages, food soiling etc, outlined above. Comparisons are difficult for the layman because it is not possible to identify strains of bacteria without special equipment but we are confident there is nothing to compare to Micro Clean - anywhere.

Conventional cleaners contain surfactants which lower the surface tension of water to enable cleaning to take effect. Soaps and detergents are typical surfactants. They can remove visible soiling but may not eliminate odours or deep clean the soiled item. As well as containing surfactants and a pleasant perfume, Micro Clean contains specially selected micro-organisms. Now, imagine a necklace of plastic poppers. These represent molecules that form the waste matter. The special bacterial strains go to work by secreting enzymes that break the bonding between the beads (molecules), separating them into particles of waste that are more accessible for the bacteria to "eat". Each bacterium having absorbed this food becomes large enough to become two identical bacteria, and this process of eating and replication continues for as long as there is soiling (or food) available. When the soiling (food) is depleted the bacteria die, leaving a clean odour-free area. 


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