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Fabricoat protects carpet and upholstery from staining and prevents stains penetrating fibres, making carpets easier to clean and helps preserve the life of fibres & fabrics. Fabricoat also enhances appearance, protects between cleans and is extremely durable even in heavy traffic areas.

Fabricoat contains anionic based fluoroploymer carpet protector compatible for use on stain resistant carpets.

Fabricoat dries quickly, and leaves a soft feel while also imparting some anti-static properties. Safe on all carpet fibres not adversely effected by water.

Fluorocarbon Carpet Protector—A stain repellent, soil retardant, non-toxic carpet protector in ready-to-use or concentrated formulas.

Protects carpet from liquid spills and stains,

A fluorocarbon, based stain and soil retardant. This unsurpassed carpet protector protects far beyond just dry soil and water stain repellence, FABRICOAT also protects from oil based stains and spills.

Fabricoat keeps carpet better looking between cleanings.

An application of FABRICOAT to rugs or carpet allows your customers to easily clean up spills before they penetrate into the fibres.

Does not eliminate professional cleaning – but gives your work a better, more beautiful appearance between cleaning. Your customers will be impressed by the FABRICOAT advantages. You'll find it easy to sell as an extra service and increase profits. Now you can offer your customers cleanliness, luxurious feel, and stain protection with FABRICOAT.

Contains special penetrates...Special penetrates help insure each fibre is coated for maximum protection. FABRICOAT is less likely to just lay on top of the carpet like a plastic sheet. But, instead, gets down into the carpet for complete protection.

Leaves carpet with a soft, natural finish. Customers will love the soft, luxurious feel of the carpet after an application of FABRICOAT. FABRICOAT also imparts some anti-static properties.

Non-toxic and non-flammable, safe around children or pets, feel "safe" with each application.

Use wherever there's carpet.

Besides residential use, FABRICOAT is ideal for offices, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels... Wherever stain and spot protection is important.

Flash Point: Non-combustible

pH: Mildly acidic.

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    Posted by Mark McAuley on 14th Apr 2022

    Fabricoat Fabric Protection is good