Easy Squeegee Medium Foam (With Silicone) 5L


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Easy Squeegee High Foam is available through Cleancare Australia and it keeps the glass cleaner for longer. Because of its great finish and cleaning power it cleans glass faster and with less effort, therefore reducing clean up scrub and rinse colonial pains.

We have already discussed that detergents work more effectively with DI water but this unique/amazing silicone based detergent available through Cleancare Australia keeps the glass cleaner for longer and reduces residues sticking to glass as it has silicone as part of the formula as well as a heap of surfactant. Easy Squeege Medium Foam (with Silicone) has:

  • Superior cleaning qualities and exceptional finish & shine on windows.
  • Improved efficiency, so that you can take less time to finish your jobs.
  • No ammonia, phosphates or hazardous ingredients.
  • Advanced wetting and rising agents for air drying.

It really is a unique product that can improve your window cleaning performance.

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