Chewing Gum Remover From Carpets & Rugs (Aerosol) 200g

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Remove chewing gum from carpet

More efficient than solvent aerosol products.

Remove gum from carpet with Quick and easy to use: Remove whatever surface gum can be removed. Spray remaining gum with a three-second blast of Cleancare carpet and rug Chewing Gum Remover spray while holding mouth of spout about 30mm from gum. Immediately hit gum with bone scraper or dull knife. Where numerous chewing gum deposits are present, such as in a theatre, use a tack hammer in place of a bone spatula. Simply freeze gum as above, tap with hammer, and pick up frozen pieces immediately.

Feature of carpet Chewing Gum Remover Spray;

  • Low Use Cost.
  • Woll not leave residue.
  • Non-combustible.

Remove chewing gum from carpet

We manufacture and supplies a wide range of carpet cleaning chemicals, Carpet cleaning detergent & liquid suitable for cleaning carpets & rugs across Australia. We are open for click & collect as well at Or Call us now on 1800 335 007 or you can buy Carpet Chewing Gum Remover online also. 

Useful information about Carpet and Rug Chewing Gum Remover:

Download Safety Data Sheet of Carpet Chewing Gum Remover


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    Chewing Gum Remover

    Posted by Ellen Ingold on 21st Jul 2022

    Effective Chewing Gum Remover From Carpets and Rugs. we are using regularly