The sprinklear kit Blue - Long Reach Hook & Loop Rail Base

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40cm Long Reach Hook & Loop Rail Base – Blue

Sprinklear Kit Includes.

1. Sprinklear Handle

Spray Handle cleaning system for flat mop hook & loop and pockets

  • Ready to use floor cleaning system
  • Push button to release water
  • Unique rubber head rests against walls without slipping
  • Ideal wherever speed, ease of use & lack of laundry facility & storage space are issues
  • Easy to use; no training required
  • Handle length: 145cm
  1. MicroFX Snow Pad
  • Made from 100% cut pile microfibre.
  • Ideal for all industry and any type of floor.
  • Highly chemically resistant (Acids and alkalis).

Flat Mop Rail Bases

  • Lightweight aluminium hook and loop base - Easy to use with any of the same sized hook and loop pads.
  • Look & unlock system - to move the joint both sides and clean under hidden area.
  • Ideal for cleaning floors and hard to reach places -  great for cleaning walls, ceilings, under gondolas and shelves.

How to use Sprinklear Mop

  1. Fill the water pole with cleaning solution (up to 580Ml)
  2. Press and hold the button for continuous flow or press & release for a intermittent flow.
  3. Clean the floor, starting from the edges and move backwards in an S Motions. This ensures that surface dirt is collected. Press the button for cleaning solution release to keep the flat mop damp.
  4. Replace the mop when it is saturated with dirt or as needed.