Jet Contractor Carpet Cleaning Machine

Cleancare Jet Contractor Carpet Cleaning Machine Jet Contractor Carpet Cleaning Machine
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Portable Carpet & Upholstery Extractor

  • 45 litre solution tank
  • 4 litre recovery tank
  • reinforced fibreglass body
  • 2 x 2 stage vac motors
  • 220 psi pump of the Jet45
  • weighs only 27kg
  • will easily handle 15m of hose for more than 15sq/m area coverage without needing to move the machine!
  • works with Cleancare's Superwand 4 jet floor tool

Ideal for:

  • low-cost business start up
  • contractor who expects professional results from occassional carpet cleans
  • back-up machine

Contractor is no lightweight when it comes to pump power and vacuum pull. With the body of a Jet 45, Jet Contractor delivers professional grunt, is light enough to carry up stairs, move around office environments and transport from the van or car boot! Still with Cleancare Quality, which means doubleskin fibreglass reinforced construction, electroplated mild steel and laser-cut frame and the best quality vacuum and pump components.

Made in Australia

Jet Contractor isn’t made overseas but in Melbourne where our 40 years of manufacturing experience means we know how to make what cleaners want.

Suitable for:

  • Domestic/home
  • Office
  • Car detailing