Digital Moisture Meter 2-Pin

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The meter is suitable for detecting water content in wood, building materials such as screed and concrete, plaster, floors, timber, paper, powder, soils etc...

Scope of moisture measurement: 5%-40%RH

Resolution: 1%RH

Operating ambient: -15-35C, 20%-90%RH

Power supply: one 23A 12V alkaline battery

Dimensions: 85 x 40 x 16mm

Weight: ~35g (including battery)


1. The meter should not be used to measure moisture content on electrically charged objects as this may damage the meter.

2. When the battery sign is displayed on the screen, it indicates that the battery voltage is low, please replace one new battery.

3. In the event that the meter is left unused for a long time, remove the battery so as to avoid the damage of the meter due to leakage or other reasons.


CAUTION: Do not aim the detecting head for measurement towards any person or animal to avoid injury.