​Essential cleaning supplies products everyone must have.

Posted by Cleancare Australia on 15th Jul 2023

​Essential cleaning supplies products everyone must have.

Whether you're just starting a new space or finishing up your cleaning kit, everyone should have a few things on cleaning day. That's why I have compiled and gathered a list of essential cleaning products we think every home should have. Many of these items may be staples you already own, but if you're missing one or just want to change or purchase a new one, we've compiled a guide to what we think are the best buys for in-home care. But collecting these staples is just as good—and perhaps more rewarding—to collect them. Invest in your favorite accessories from our cleaning supplies Melbourne shop.

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Scrub Brushes

Get yourself at least one nice cleansing brush. A plastic one with solid bristles and a rubber handle is enough for most messes, including washing the tub or sink. Consider buying a brush set, so you get all kinds of brushes. You can buy powerful cleaning detergents and brushes from our cleaning supply store.


A duster is essential, even if you don't have carpet. Don't have the budget for a vacuum option? Purchase a handheld device, also known as a dust catcher, which vacuums problem areas like baseboards, couches, and pet fur wherever it can reach.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Instead of dusting or cleaning with paper towels next time, try microfiber towels. On windows, TVs, laptops, mirrors, and other smooth surfaces, they work wonders for eliminating streaks. Of course, they may be reused, which contributes to waste reduction.

Toilet Brush

Don't forget to buy a separate toilet brush because you don't want to use it anywhere but the toilet. The one that comes with the stand is convenient as it can be stored next to or behind the toilet.


Splashes of juice, water, and sauces are everyday. While you can use rags and paper towels to clean them up, mops are easier and faster to use - especially for big spills. Another important reason for them is that you will be tracking a lot of mud and water during the winter months and rainy seasons. Keep your floor clean and reduce slip accidents by keeping a mop handy. You'll also need to disinfect them, or you could spread germs everywhere.


These little tools are essential to keeping showers free of mold and mildew. They also work well on windows if it's part of your cleaning routine. Protect the blade from any added damage during use and store it if you want your squeegee to work better. If your squeegee starts to strip or doesn't work and function as well as it used to, you know it's time to replace the blade.

General Cleaner

All-purpose cleaners effectively remove grease, dirt, and stains; most require little more than a spray and a towel. You can also get commercial cleaning supplies in Melbourne at our store.

Scrub Brush, Steel Wool, And Toothbrush

If you're someone, who needs to do spring cleaning now and then—even with regular house cleaning services—you'll need a brush, steel wool, and a toothbrush. Scrub brushes are effective for removing stubborn dirt and stains from large areas. Examples of these areas include bathroom tiles, kitchen counters, and outdoor patios. On the other hand, steel wool cleans spaces or corners where brushes cannot reach. Finally, you can use toothbrushes for finer and more sensitive areas, such as the corners of the sink. But before you start using your toothbrush to clean, label it first so you don't confuse it with your toothbrush!


Look for dish sponges with a soft side for fragile utensils and an uneven side that adheres to food. Use non-metallic, non-abrasive sponges, if you have them, to clean cast iron pans. For cleaning floors, ovens, and other surfaces that require thorough scrubbing, buy sponges that are resistant to hard material. Remember to keep your sponges separate so you don't wash the dishes with the same sponge you use on the floor!


The right tools are vital to keep your home tidy and make the job as easy as possible. Cleaning is necessary. But do you have all the right accessories to make cleaning easier? Without the right tools and products you will get at our cleaning supplies in Melbourne shop, cleaning can be much more tiring and time-consuming than necessary.

In addition to making cleaning difficult with the wrong accessories, you can ruin your furniture and other household items with the wrong cleaning products. And you certainly don't want to risk ruining that antique side table you got from your parents. Although every household has its own cleaning needs and wants, there are some essential cleaning tools and solutions that every home should have. And luckily, they don't have to cost you much.